Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Michelle McGee Attacks Chelsea Handler

Jesse James' alleged mistress Michelle McGee is slamming E! talk show host Chelsea Handler for making fun of her.

On her E! blog, Handler, 35, wrote: "Jesse James' first alleged mistress, Michelle McGee, is being supported emotionally by her father. In a recent interview, Denny McGee said that Michelle really believed that Sandra and Jesse were separated and was 'shocked' to see them together at the Oscars. I guess she doesn't read magazines, which makes sense since she basically has one on her face."

McGee, 32, didn't find the tattoo remark funny.

On her Facebook page, she criticized Handler's appearance, advising her to "use some of that botox from your forehead and put it in your flabby underarm skin..Ive seen better wings in a bucket of KFC chicken." A short time later, she added she felt "so honored to have a transexual [SIC] poke fun of me..."

Source: US Magazine

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